Whisky & Spike

We first saw Whisky and Spike on the homing page and the rest is history really.

They are great cats with such different personalities. Whisky is laid back and loves attention and fuss but will turn his back to you when he's had enough, whereas Spike is slightly scatty and wary but just as loving and, when he gets to know you, will roll onto his back for you to tickle his tummy.

They have found their favourite spots in both the house and the garden. Whisky prefers to sleep on beds and I often find him asleep on my son's bed purring very loudly (he sounds like a motorbike!!!) Spike likes the window sill where he can watch the world go by (he has such a loud snore!!).


They have just ventured into the back garden. Whisky was the braver of the two and found his feet (or paws!!) quickly. He loves being outside lazing in the sunshine. It took Spike a few more days to pluck up the courage but once he was out we couldn't get him in!!!

They are wonderful cats and often make us laugh. They can be washing each other one minute and chasing each other the next, they are great fun. My little boy adores them and so do we. They are a huge part of the family now and we wouldn't be without 'the boys'.

Natasha - September 2008