Lily & Nellie

Lily Nellie Nellie Nellie Lily Lily Nellie Lily & Nellie Lily Nellie

Dear Paws & Claws

On the 19th October 2014, I became the happy owner and mum to Lily & Nellie, two of Paws & Claws cats who were looking for a home. Lily is mostly white and Nellie is tabby.

They are the sweetest, gentle and most affectionate cats ever. Both love a lap, my bed, every armchair insight, the computer chair where Nellie does a spot of work? And the garden hammock which is a favourite spot with both, especially Lily.

They are sisters, Lily is an affectionate dribbler, Nellie doesn't dribble much, both are great purrers. They are both great bookends, sitting on the window ledge, watching the world go by (and the wildlife)!!!

Both take a great interest in the iPad, especially Nellie who is an avid viewer. What truly wonderful companions I have after losing my dear little Simba on the 8th of September, another wonderful little pet.

Thank you Paws & Claws for making my home complete again.