Leo & Harvey

Leo & Harvey

Dear Paws & Claws

We got 2 kittens (formerly Tinker & Taylor) from you in October 2010 and we thought we'd send you some photos to show how they're getting on.

Leo, our long haired tabby, and Harvey, his short haired brother, are very relaxed in their new home as you can see from these photos.


Harvey is particularly keen to "help" when I'm working from home.


Leo on the other hand is much more laid back and likes nothing more than to curl up (usually on his back?!) in front of the TV.

When we first got them you'll remember how terribly nervous they both were. They would bolt at the sight of anyone they didn't know but lots of love and nurturing eventually finally paid off and they now love nothing more than joining in our dinner parties on a Saturday night. Friends and family alike love the chance to share in their cuddle sessions.

Our two boys have brought us untold moments of joy and we will be forever grateful for introducing them into our lives.

Thanks again for all the good work you do at Paws & Claws,

Lisa & Steve