Toffee & Sherry

Toffee and Sherry were two cats we adopted in January 2002 – actually I confess if I’d have had my way we’d have adopted them in December 2001 but quite rightly Paws & Claws insisted we wait until after Christmas. Even so I think I was the first customer as soon as the new year was over as I couldn’t wait to collect them.  Everyone thought I was mad taking on these two as they were “oldies” with Toffee at 15 and Sherry at 14 and as we already had a mutli-cat household no one could be sure that they would fit in and adapt.

Sherry with Toffee

Well the short version is that they certainly did adapt and very soon became part of the clan. I could go on for hours about how much joy these two brought me but needless to say I count adopting Toffee and Sherry as one of the best decisions I ever made and I never ever had cause to regret adopting them – they enriched our lives and taught me so much about feline healthcare and the joys of having an older cat.

Sherry who was the sweetest shy cat I have ever met who transformed in the 3 years we had her into the sweetest cat period sadly died at the age of 17. She died peacefully in her sleep and so we conclude it must just have been her time. We lost Toffee very sadly in December 2007 – we still miss him terribly but we remember with a smile just what a fantastic character he was – he had personality in bucket loads and was the funniest and happiest cat – we were truly honoured and lucky to have shared nearly 6 years with him.

To anyone considering adopting an older cat I would say go for it – kittens are lovely and funny and cute but older cats have so much more character and they are more at ease in their skin and don’t have anything to prove so they tend to come in and are just always so grateful for anything you do for them – they give so much love in return and it’s a special gentle love that really makes a difference.

Because of Toffee and Sherry and the wonderful experiences we had from adopting them we did in fact adopt another oldie in March 2007 – this was/is Stevie who was an 18 year old Siamese chap – he’s now 19 and I have to say that again he has fitted in perfectly with the other cats and again is the most grateful cat for anything we do for him – he once was a rough tough street cat who had rips in his ears from fighting but now he sleeps in a heap with my other Siamese and Orientals – its like he has been here and amongst his own kind all his life.

Kim - 24 June 2008

Stevie, Toffee and Kyu

Stevie cuddled up to Toffee and another of my cats called Kyu who is a caramel point Siamese