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Jess & Sophie

I thought you might like to see how Polly and Dolly are getting on since we gave them a new home in October.

They have been re-named. Polly is now Jess and Dolly is Sophie.

Jess (Polly) settled in straight away and made herself at home. Had a bit of a struggle with her over feeding as she would eat everything and Sophie wouldn't get a look in. We have managed to control her food intake and now she knows the food is put down regularly she only eats until she is full rather than clearing the whole bowl.


Sophie (Dolly) as you may remember was very timid and nervous. She spent the first week or so hiding anywhere she could so we just left her to get on with it. She gradually found her confidence spending more and more time out of her hiding places. The picture below gives an idea of just how relaxed she now is.


She is incredibly affectionate and well worth the time and patience we have invested in her.



November 2009

Jess Jess Jess Sophie