Ozzy & Sox

Ozymandias & Socrates

These beautiful cats - no other way of describing them - have settled down with us exceedingly well. We decided to give them new names with their new home - Ozymandias is "Ozzy" and Socrates is "Sox" for short.

As ever in the Wild household they get other names as well - Ozzy is known as "Woolly Bear", for obvious reasons, and Sox as "My Little Pony" because of his prancing about in the garden!

We could completely fur up your computer with photos of this lovely pair but suffice it to send a couple to you for now. What we will never understand is why no-one else would take them - unless, as we suspect, they were meant for us and us for them!

With best wishes for your next homing day.

Pauline & Rob

Webmaster's note: For those of you wondering I can tell you that Ozymandias was another name of Ramesses the Great, Pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt. (I looked it up.)