Sponsorship Scheme

Tipsy, Tyrone, Snowball and Eve

These four lovely cats are included in our Sponsorship scheme though cannot live in the Pavilion as they are not happy with other cats.

Tipsy (10)

Tyrone (13)

Snowball (16)

Eve (13)

TIPSY came to us when her devoted owner had to go into end of life care. She is such a sweet girl and can be quite chatty. She is on thyroid medication and is also blind, but is cosy and happy in her pen and outside run, and having lots of attention. Tipsy is a very dear member of the resident Paws & Claws family.

TYRONE had been living as a stray for a long time and he came to us with many medical needs which we are looking after. He is a calm, uncomplaining boy who just likes to relax in a bed or sit by your side.

SNOWBALL is a white 16 year old who came into our care before Christmas. Sadly is not a candidate for the Pavilion but is on our Sponsorship Scheme. He is comfortable in a pen in a homing block with access to an outside run but we would love to find him a home of his own as he is so friendly and sociable and would benefit from the company that would offer him.

EVE is a 13 year old cat we are caring for, she is very nervous and doesn't want to be with people but is comfortable in her pen and with an outside run where she has fresh air and can watch what is going on. A lady had been giving her regular food in her garden but could not persuade her to go indoors with her. Sadly the lady died. Eve is on our sponsorship scheme as she is likely to be with us long term as it is proving difficult to find her an outside home at her age. She would like a home with good shelter in a garden and to be fed twice a day.