The photograph below is of Oliver, curled up and snoozing, in his favourite bed. My flatmate got him from Paws & Claws a few years ago when I believe he was called Bandit.


He was very nervous at first, hiding behind the washing machine and under the sofa. We had to walk around virtually in slow motion so as not to scare him as he started to get braver and trust us.

He still has the odd moment when he is startled by a loud noise or sudden movement but 99.9% of the time he is so sociable and enjoys being stroked so much that I am scared we may wear his fur out.

He hates the hoover, tinned catfood, bad singing on the X-Factor and gets jealous when I am on the computer.

He loves boxes, window sills, batting his various toys about and leaning against you.

Mark, September 2008