Thomas & Phoebe


Henry took ownership of “his” kitten Deary at the age of four. It was a devastating shock for the vet to discover a jaw tumour, especially when she had never before received treatment for illness at the age of 13. It was so aggressive and we made the brave decision to keep her for the Easter weekend. She was put to sleep at home. We were extremely raw and our home was missing a very large part of our day to day life. This is Deary on the day of her prognosis, she still looked so healthy and beautiful.

Our next door neighbour equally missed Deary as she shared home with her over the years. Clare had Jamie & Oliver of similar age.  Oliver vanished some years ago sadly never to be found. Jamie was put to sleep last year.  Clare felt unable to consider any new cats, as she did not want to upset Deary’s visits.

Two weeks later we were looking at Paws and Claws website.  It was our wish to support a small local charity if possible. Our idea was to rehome a boy and girl of perhaps age four to five. Paws and Claws were extremely kind, personable and professional. Once we had walked around with Jackie to view, we could only be very taken by Flyn.

However, as we wanted two cats, we considered matching him with a companion. So we returned to the first pens looking for a potential companion. This time Phoebe appeared from under her fleece blanket. Once we peered over the fur igloo and saw Thomas’ big paws poking out we had to rethink! Jackie lifted them both out and they were both choosing us! We were reassured, given our choice, that Flyn would have no problem being rehomed as indeed has been proven. Good luck to Tracey & Roger, he is very like Thomas in looks and behaviour! We would be very interested to know how Phoebe’s kitten Tigger is getting on with another owner.

Thomas and Phoebe happily spent three weeks locked indoors (it seemed a long time but they really benefited from it), mainly underneath Donna’s bed. We do not think they have been used to our open fields. One morning Thomas delivered a total of six shrews, he must really love us! He follows patterns of roaming and sleeping. He adores beds (see pics) and cuddles and has lost a little weight from original 5.8kg. I would suggest now he is a model tom made up of hard muscle from hunting.

Phoebe, though more timid and homely than her brother wears a constant worried expression that we have grown to love. She is cheeky, full of character, a complete drama queen. Phoebe adores Henry and is an attention seeker. Thomas has been known to place a heavy bossy paw on her occasionally. She steals his thunder constantly. Still as when introduced, she loves to get under duvets and particularly the Radio Times. Phoebe’s whole day revolves around food – as well as waiting for Henry to come home, she has filled out beautifully from original 3kg.

Best of all, when they are friends, they frequently snuggle in together, see picture below, or wash one another.

This view of our two “book ends” was taken in our garden, which was the nickname given to them on first viewing at Paws & Claws.

Thomas & Phoebe

Clare ended up sharing a home visit from Paws & Claws with us. She selected Mog & Meg (now renamed Moss (Boy) & Nutmeg (Girl) Age 10. They seem a lot bolder than ours and they settled very quickly. Clare spends a great deal of time grooming them and they look years younger!

Moss & Nutmeg

Our “pairs” do not mix socially yet. They are happily establishing their territory from one side of the fence to another. If only they knew of their common origins at Paws & Claws!

We are very grateful to Paws & Claws for their help and would like to share our happy“tail” of four beautifully cared for cats homed within one week. Our cats will never be intended to replace old occupants but our experiences have taken the “rawness” away and given us all a positive outlook for the future.

Donna, Henry, Thomas and Phoebe
Clare, Moss and Nutmeg
25 June 2008