She arrived at Coombe Down in July 2012, age 7. A potentially pretty tortoiseshell and white stray, she was suffering from severe allergic dermatitis with very scabby and sore skin, especially around her eyes and tummy. The wounds were bloody, made worse by the fact she was trying to alleviate the itching by scratching.

Allergic dermatitis is caused by sensitivity to allergens in the environment, such as dust mites, pollen or mould spores. Diet can also affect the condition, so we immediately put her on hypoallergenic food and steroid tablets. Progress was slow until we discovered a non-steroid medication which specifically targets the immune cells involved in the allergic reaction, and which reduces itchy skin and lesions and offers long-term relief without the use of steroids. Pebbles responded well and made a full recovery.

She was the "Cat of Courage" in our Spring 2013 newsletter.


Dear Paws & Claws

I adopted pebbles in January 2013. She is a lovely dear cat who just loves a cuddle. During the recent cold weather she got into the habit of getting in to bed with us and staying all night, she loves to curl up under the duvet.

Her skin problem is now fine and we have had no problems. With the warmer weather she has been out in the garden and she now sits at my backdoor waiting to go out. Though the wild life here scares her a bit she still can't wait to get out in the fresh air!

She settled in well from day one and has made our house her home. She loves all the attention she gets, she has been spoilt every day, we love her to bits and she knows she has us under her paw. As I type this she is curled up on my lap having just eaten some smoked salmon!

Pebbles has a very sweet and lovely personality, she follows me everywhere I go. When I go out she waits on the stairs for me to return. She has found her voice and has become quite vocal, although it's a very quiet voice.

I cannot thank Paws & Claws enough for Pebbles, she has made our home complete, she is such a beautiful cat and very loving.

Thank you for bringing us together - she has made us so happy!


Pebbles Pebbles Pebbles Pebbles