Flicker & Chappie


Sally Sally Sally Sally Sally Sally

Dear Paws & Claws

We adopted Sally about 5 years ago, and I have been meaning to write to you for a while. She is doing very well :) she enjoys sleeping A LOT but I don't blame her, I would sleep as much as her if I could!

She likes the summer because she can go hunting at night... she likes bringing mice home for us to find in the morning, most of them we manage to save because she doesn't kill them, just plays. She recently found her reflection in the bathroom mirror after climbing into the sink and peering behind to check it wasn't another cat looking back at her.

She took a while settling in back when we first got her as she was very nervous but now she orders us around, making sure we cuddle her when she wants and feed her when she wants! I have attached some photos for you to look at of our beautiful cat :)

We have nicknamed her bean, which seems odd and I'm not even sure where that name came from but she likes it :) Another thing she loves to do is sit in your seat if you leave for any amount of time, so by the time you come back she's in it and you have no seat, cheeky thing. The picture of her trying to open the window was in the snow! We think her feet were cold and she wanted to come in through the window!!

Thank you,

Rebecca and Jackie