Kipper Kipper Kipper Kipper Kipper

Dear Paws & Claws

Kipper came to live at Colemans Hatch, on the edge of the Ashdown Forest, in September 2008. He was then 14 yrs old and none too pleased that he had to be kept in a cage in a barn for two whole weeks.

When released he soon explored his new surroundings, always returning when he was fed. Kipper lived up to his reputation as a great mouser and liked to show me what he had caught, before consuming it. He quickly established a tolerant relationship with my two Jack Russell terriers, but he really was top cat.

He joined us every day on two walks round the property, although he slowed down and rested a bit more when he got older. He was really affectionate when he wanted to be. He kept fit and well right up to his 18th birthday, but soon after developed breathing difficulties, which sadly meant the end of the road, on the vets advice.

Thank you Paws & Claws for letting me share three and a half years with Kipper. I think he enjoyed his time here, I know that I certainly did.