Dear Paws & Claws

Thought you might like this photo whom I acquired from you in November 2009. Snowy is a lovely boy, really loving and cuddly. He loves nothing more than snuggling up at the end of the bed or sitting on my lap as I try to use the computer (someone told him they saw a mouse!!).

He has a penchant for nipping my ankles - but he says he only does it because he loves me - and I should not ignore him whilst I am talking on the phone. He has also 'educated' us into his food likes and dislikes ('good' brands only - preferably tuna fish, loves the occasional bowl of cat milk).

He really enjoyed the wintery weather earlier this year, bounding across the garden, tossing the snow up into the air and having an absolute whale of a time - the cold did not bother him at all.

Overall he has been a worthy successor to our previous cat Pepper who died at the grand old age of 18.

Regards Lorraine

PS The 'snowy' mark on his chest seems to be growing, previously it was just a few hairs, now it is a definite stripe!