At Paws & Claws we often rescue older cats that nobody else will take. These cats can be from 12 - 20 years old and still enjoying life. Sadly we cannot re-home them as quickly as we would like as people prefer to choose kittens or young cats.

It is very satisfying to give an older cat a chance of a happy home life as Janet and Neil can testify when they took the handsome 14 year old Griffin to be part of their family.

Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin

Dear Paws & Claws

It was love at first sight with Griffin. This big chunky boy has now made himself at home.

He has settled in really well, he loves the garden and has been spending hours on a garden bench. He enjoys relaxing on sofas and beds! He settles down to sleep on our bed or our son's bed after a busy evening on the sofa in front of the TV.

Our existing cat tolerates him, she is eating again and seems a lot happier with another cat in the house. A very happy ending for everyone, we are so pleased to have him he is such a lovely cat, he snuggles up and purrs, that says it all.

Thank you so much

Janet & Neil