Hedges Hedges Hedges

To all at Paws & Claws

It has now been a month since the lovely Hedges came home with us so we thought we would drop you a little message to let you know how he is getting on. Although he was initially a little shy, and spent much of his first day under a coffee table, he very quickly decided that it was alright to come out and has since taken over the house. He makes himself very comfy on our bed each night (and cries for us if we go to bed and leave him asleep on the couch! How very dare we!).

He has recently been allowed outside, and after a few escorted trips into the garden he is now off being independent in the big wide world! He absolutely loves being outside, and actually isn't that bothered about leaving the garden as long as he has somewhere he can sit, especially if it's sunny!

I think it's safe to say that he is being spoilt rotten! I have never known a cat of his age to be as playful as Hedges - between 6pm and 7pm is playtime, one of us cooks dinner while the other entertains Hedges with one of his collection of toys! He also often entertains himself on the floor outside the bedroom for a while if he feels we have gone to bed too early!

We are both absolutely smitten with him, and we couldn't be more pleased with the newest member of our household, so we really wanted also to say thank you so much for bringing him into our lives. I have included some pictures of Hedges so you can see for yourselves how well he has made himself at home!

Many thanks and best wishes from both of us

Alex & Phil

(and Hedges!)