Dear Paws & Claws

Thought I'd drop you a few lines to give you an update on the lovely Jessie (formerly Steffi) that we were very luckily able to adopt from you and has enriched our lives no end.


As soon as we saw Jessie we fell in love with her. She was very shy and hid but we knew she was the one. We have recently got married and said when things settle down we would like a friend for our "tigger" adopted from you two years ago.

Jessie settled in really well almost from day one. My husband says "she's the most laid back cat I've ever known" She just loves her toys! So much so she has her own toy box! But her two favourite things to play with are the cardboard bit left over from the toilet rolls and her fluffy heart which funnily enough used to be Tiggers favourite too. Oh and she adores ping pong balls. She's already got through 7!! as she hits and chases them all over the house and then we find them days later in the oddest of places.

Tigger (our cat we had two years previously adopted from Paws & Claws) didn't take kindly to someone muscling in on her owners or her home. She hissed a lot and sulked like a stroppy teenager. Its been hard going but we are getting there slowly. I never wanted to give up as the whole family love them both dearly. They are both such different cats. Jessie being very laid back and tigger....well shall we say "a little highly strung!".

When ever we are out Jessie is safely tucked up in one side of the house and tigger the other.... Luckily we have a door which cuts the house in half! Tigger has been staying out a bit more than she did but we are lucky to have a conservatory that leads into the garden via the cat-flap so she always has a warm dry place to spend sometime if she doesn't want to come in.


Though we have seen a lot of improvement in the last few weeks (maybe its because its getting cooler and Tigger knows where her bread's buttered!!) They now will sleep in the same room and settle down in the afternoon but are not quite buddies yet......but maybe one day.....It's not for Jessie' s lack of trying that's for sure, as she follows Tigger around...all be it from a safe distance.

Jessie just wants to play with her step sister and will creep bit by bit to get closer but when tigger looks she will run away. They will eat in the same room now, so that's good.

Jessie just loves everybody! She loves to sit on your lap in the afternoon for a cuddle and a cat nap. Her other favourite pastime is watching the tropical fish. She'll try and catch them for hours.

She's has now been spayed, so is starting to learn about the big wide world outside and start exploring her surroundings. Though she is rather scared of the wind and doesn't stay out long so I think it will be a long process but in her own time, I'm sure she will.

Best wishes,


PS A few more pictures below showing how happy is she is in her new home.

Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie Jessie

PPS Some time later and Jessie and Tigger are now getting on very well.

IT did take 8 months of perseverance BUT it was well worth it...They are friends now and Tigger has now realised she loves to play with Jessie...

Jessie Jessie Jessie