Flyn relaxing with friend


Flyn Flyn Flyn Flyn Flyn

We adopted a ruggedly handsome 8-year old tabby tom called Flyn from you last month and just thought you’d love to know that he’s settled in brilliantly with us and hasn’t really stopped purring since he arrived!

He very quickly showed us that he loves a good fussing for as long as either (or both!) of us is happy to do it, taking up as much space as possible on the sofa, a lap to lie on and drinking from the taps in the

bath (weird, but whatever makes him happy). He has also recently started going outside, very nervously at first (he won’t go unless one of us goes with him) but he’s getting braver by the day and loves a scratch and stretch against the tree nearby.

Thank you so much for rescuing him, he is so affectionate, friendly, loving and laid-back – we really couldn’t have hoped to have a lovelier cat. His personality matches us perfectly and we can’t imagine our home now without him in it.

It saddens us sometimes to wonder how he came to be a stray and we try not think of the rough time he must have had. Because he's more rugged than pretty, we think that no-one really took any notice of him when choosing a cat but that's our good luck because we’re so happy that we have found him.

He couldn’t be more loved with us in Brighton. And he seems to love us too! Some photos attached for you and thanks again Paws & Claws.

All the best, Tracey & Roger . . . & Flyn :o)

12th June 2008