Luke & Solo

Luke & Solo Luke & Solo Luke & Solo Luke & Solo

Dear Paws & Claws,

I have attached some photos of Connor and Digby, now named Luke and Solo, in their new home. I think it is safe to say they have settled in really well.

We were not sure how well Luke was going to settle in but he has really found his feet and is the most wonderful character! He feels the need to tell us about everything he is doing on a minute-by-minute basis!! He just loves to play with his toys and have cuddles. Solo has an amazing ability to get himself in trouble but he is a very affectionate boy with lots of love to give.

Although they are not the best of friends, they will sometimes have a cuddle but more than anything they just love to play! Chasing each other around the house at full speed and wrestling on the rug are their favourite games, closely followed by 'chase the paper ball'.

Their other favourite past-time is going for a walk with us! We back directly onto a wooded path and sometimes of an evening we will go for a walk and the boys join us, charging around and running up and down the trees.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Sarah and Phil