Kia & Kittens


Shumba Shumba

Dear Paws & Claws

Shumba came to live with us in September 2010, his previous owners had emigrated. He has settled in very well and lives a very chilled out life - the only decisions he has to make are which bed to sleep on and what time to get up for his next meal!


He enjoys his food - his favourite being "Purina Gourmet A la Carte" but he only gets this when its on Special Offer! He likes batting his ping pong balls around the lounge and we often hear him at night when we are trying to get to sleep. He also likes the catnip mouse he was given for Christmas - however, he insists on chewing the ears off it and brings it to us for repair!

He enjoys roaming in the local area but has an enemy nearby and often comes running back through his cat flap - on one occasion with a scratch on his nose. He appears to be very agile for his age - considering he will be 14 years old this month. His name means "lion" in the Shona language so he has a lot to live up to!

We are delighted that Shumba has settled in with us so happily - he is an exceptionally clean cat, apart from being an extremely "messy eater" and leaving bits of food on the kitchen floor for people to tread on and get stuck on their slippers! We love him to bits.

Shumba appeared to enjoy the heavy snowfall last December and although we tried to keep him indoors and use his litter tray he made it quite clear he was going out whatever the weather!  The photos show him wading through 10 inches of snow in the garden.

Obviously it wasn't the "wrong sort of snow" for Shumba!

Kind regards,

Janet and Graham