Dear Paws & Claws,

We thought that you would be pleased to hear how Max is getting along in his new home. As we're sure you can see by the photos, he is getting along famously.

Max awake on his chair

He has been with us for nine months now and we are looking forward to many more Max filled years to come. We were lucky that he did not get along with his first owners, so that we were given the chance to give a him home.

Max is about 2 and a half years old and has a few stray white hairs on his chest. He loves to chase the red dot from our laser pointer and we use this to tire him out before we go to bed otherwise he will rustle every plastic bag he can find to keep us awake.

Max asleep on his chair

Iain always jokes that we adopted a wuss not a puss. We were told by the girls that Max was a hard nut and would expect to be the head of the household, whereas in fact he is a scaredy cat and runs at the slightest thing. He is getting braver now though and he actually chased off another cat from his garden the other day. Good on yer Maxy!

Thanks again,

Lindsey and Iain

January 2011