Tigger asleep



I thought you might like to see some pictures of Tigger.

She has taken a while to settle in and we have had a couple of incidents but I think with all the love and affection she has received from everyone that she comes into contact with she is at last starting to trust us and settle down.

She no longer wakes me up at 5am every morning.....though she still thinks 4am is play time! She loves to talk.....chats away to you.....I wish I knew cat language!

She is starting to go out a little more now and loves watching the birds in the trees. She likes to be where ever we are and follows you around by watching your feet.....usually she's in between as you're trying to walk.

Hope you like the pictures.

Tracey, Rachelle, John and Tigger too (though she's affectionately known as the "Brrrrruubbb")

January 2010

Tigger's first Christmas!

Tigger's first Christmas was a very exciting experience!