Head Cat 26


Daisy became part of our family in September 2008, having had to have our previous cat Mitzie put to sleep in March - very sad time for us all.


Daisy has brought a new joy into our home again. She is so different from Mitzie and it has taken us a couple of months to really understand her. She has the loudest purr and likes to be stroked but not for too long (!) and will tolerated being brushed, as long as it is first thing in the morning when she is still sleepy.

Daisy may only have three legs but she is certainly full of life. She loves to play with her fish and a mouse on a string. She also is able to jump from one piece of furniture to another.

Our main worry was due to us having an old parrot by the name of Napoleon, but so far so good, no attempts have been made to eat him (!), but we do keep a careful eye on her.

Thank you Paws and Claws for giving us the opportunity to make Daisy part of our family. Have attached a couple of photos, which I am sure demonstrates how happy she is.

Best wishes to you all,