Ebony & Lucy

I thought you would like to know that Ebony and Lucy have settled in very quickly and seem extremely happy. They are enjoying the space and their favourite game is to chase each other up and down the stairs. Lucy only hid for a few hours and she is now almost as bold and friendly as Ebony - though she still goes under things to sleep.

Ebony & Lucy

I've attached some photographs. They were taken within the first couple of days so they are even more relaxed now but, as you will see, it didn't take long for them to settle in.

Their personalities are still coming out but they are lovely cats - very friendly and affectionate but not at all demanding. They jumped on my bed for the first time this morning.

Ebony & Lucy

I let them out for the first time yesterday and it was very scary as they were gone for over two hours - they immediately jumped over fences without even looking at my garden!

However, all was well, they came back together and seemed very pleased with themselves. I guess it was the first time they had been out for a very long time. This morning it was different as they only went into the next door garden and they only stayed out for half an hour.

I'm still monitoring their comings and goings (I haven't given them the freedom of the cat flap yet) but I'm getting more confident that they will come back. I still make sure they are hungry when they go out! They are very fit and healthy and jump amazingly high! I have a feeling that they won't go very far now that they have explored the territory.


Thank you for letting me have such lovely cats - I'm really enjoying having them here with me and they are no trouble at all. I will make sure they get all the care and attention they need.