Louie & Hetty

Louie & Hetty

Cats have always been important members of our family for the last 30 years.

Sadly in August 2007 one of our beautiful cats, Oliver, was tragically killed by a car. This was very hard for us as we live in a quiet area and had never lost a cat in this way before.

The loss was felt most of all by Oliver's brother, Jonah. At only five, he is a loving cat that enjoys human and feline company in equal measure.

After much consideration we decided it would be best to get Jonah a new friend. All of our previous cats have been adopted from Paws & Claws so we knew where to go.

On our first visit we were shown to a charming mother (Willow) who had a litter of four beautiful young kittens. We were told there were just two left for re-homing, a tiny little dark ball of fluff and a ginger boy with a big voice. Immediately we knew it would be heart-breaking to choose between the two, so we adopted both. As the litter was still only four weeks old, the centre continued to look after them and Willow for another five weeks. I understand this was very demanding and they were soon nicknamed the hooligans.

When we brought the kittens home it soon became obvious why. The two tiny balls of fluff had turned into manic creatures that never seemed to stop moving. The noise of them thundering around the house sounded more like wildebeest.

Now, Louie and Hetty are seven months old. They have changed a great deal in this time. Louie is already reaching the size of Jonah and although Hetty will always be a little cat, she has bushed out into a real fur-ball.

We are delighted at how well they have settled in here and particularly how they have bonded with Jonah. They have really brought out the kitten in him and now he thunders around with them.

We wanted to thank all the kind and hard-working staff at Paws & Claws for helping us complete our family.

- Janine, 8th March 2008